North Central High School Exposition and Career Fair

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May 30, 2023
5:00 PM -
7:00 PM
Location: 1600 N Howard St, Spokane, Washington 99205, US

When I took over this program 5 years ago, I started putting on an end of the year Research exposition and Career Fair to connect the community with our wonderful NC scientists, and to connect them with the scientific community. The Career Fair aspect of the event quickly became one of the most important features because it helped to both invite the community in to see what our students can accomplish, and showed students that there are so many jobs in science.
We are looking for about 1-3 employees representing different parts of the company to come and share information about the types of jobs your company employs, the education level required for those jobs, and if possible, what they pay. When students get an idea of what the day to day aspects of a job feel like, it can make a huge impact on whether or not they may want to pursue that job in the future. You will have as many tables as you need, and can bring any promotional materials you think might help you get the message across.

An image of university students walking down the marbled hall of their school.
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