NW Rural Health Conference

Category: Community Events
March 22, 2020
8:00 AM -
5:00 PM
Location: Davenport Grand Hotel

Through collaboration of the Washington State Department of Health State Office of Rural Health, the WWAMI AHEC Programs, the Washington Rural Health Association and the Rural Health Clinic Association of Washington this annual conference brings together a consortium of rural healthcare professionals from around the region to provide an experience that expands professional knowledge, promotes partnerships, and explores the new and emerging opportunities to advance rural health.


Join us in highlighting the needs and opportunities of rural healthcare


The Northwest Rural Health Conference brings together rural healthcare professionals and subject matter experts from the field to collaborate, educate, and brainstorm innovative ways to bring quality care to our rural communities. 

  • Network with your rural passionate colleagues from across the state and across a variety of organizations. 
  • Be captivated by plenary speakers dedicated to rural values and priorities.
  • Learn from prominent speakers with carefully curated topics, including policy updates, skills-enhancing sessions, and new technology to advance rural healthcare access systems.
  • Dive into discussions about current needs and potential solutions for the rural healthcare sector.
  • Discover new and seasoned vendors that provide innovative ways to help solve reoccurring problems in rural healthcare.
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