Regional Cybersecurity 2nd Annual Conference Hosted by INCH360

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December 6, 2023
12:30 AM -
5:00 PM
Location: Gonzaga University Hemmingson Center 702 E Desmet Ave,, Spokane, Washington 99202, US

Regional Cybersecurity 2nd Annual Conference Hosted by INCH360:
Bringing Together the Cybersecurity Community and Resources

[Spokane, WA] – A large regional Cybersecurity Conference hosted by the Inland Northwest Cyber Hub (INCH360) will take place on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023, at Gonzaga University Hemmingson Center from 12:30 pm to 5 pm. The free conference promises to be an insightful gathering featuring a series of panels and talks from local and national speakers focusing on the latest Cybersecurity trends.

“Our mission at INCH360 is to create a space where cybersecurity and compliance professionals of all levels can come together to share knowledge, collaborate, and communicate about resources, regional companies, and job opportunities,” said Heather Stratford, Founder of Drip7 and co-founder of INCH360.

The conference theme is “What would you have done differently if given advance warning of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941?” Knowing your environment, preparation, and a 72-hour incident response plan are key. Today’s “sneak attacks” in cybersecurity also carry the potential of great destruction.

The INCH360 2nd Annual Event will bring together cybersecurity professionals, students, and industry leaders to discuss crucial topics such as Cloud Security, Security Awareness Training, IoT Device Security, Lessons learned from a Breach, information on the Annual Regional Hackathon, and guidance on working with and choosing outside IT and cyber vendors. There will be vendor tables to provide information on local certifications, programs, products, and services.

“Cybersecurity is a team sport, and we can only win together. INCH360 provides the forum for Spokane area thought leaders and practitioners to come together with subject matter experts to educate each other, share ideas, and build relationships to strengthen the cybersecurity of the community, “ says area cybersecurity leader Brant Borchert, Regional CIO for Information Services and Technology at Multicare.

Many regional business leaders recognize that Spokane is growing a strong Cybersecurity Community with hundreds of Cyber professionals in the area. Bryan Yamanaka, Founder of Arkangelos, a regional cybersecurity risk and governance firm, states, “Spokane is quickly becoming a hub for technology and developing talent in higher education programs. INCH360 is building a community to foster greater collaboration, sharing of ideas, and innovation in cybersecurity. The group also provides networking and professional development opportunities for those new to the industry.”

Jethro Jones, the Co-Founder of Cybertraps Podcast, a locally produced and national broadcast cybersecurity podcast, and the Co-founder of the Center for Cyberethics, believes that sharing insight and perspectives on the ethics of cybersecurity and privacy is a central part of the conversation. “INCH360 is important because it helps us connect with others locally who can help us solve problems and see perspectives we wouldn’t be able to do on our own.”

“We cannot fight the cyber adversaries alone. As a profession we must lock arms with each other to really get a handle on the attacks, attackers, and their tactics, techniques, and procedures. Not to mention, with a group effort, I believe that everyone can benefit. That is why an organization like INCH360 can help build bridges and great relationships.” says Deborah Wells, Senior Manager of Cybersecurity Engineering and Senior Lecturer and Adjunct Cyber Instructor at Central Washington University.

The Annual INCH360 event will provide a platform for learning and knowledge-sharing but also offer a unique opportunity to connect with local cyber experts. Attendees can expect valuable insights from seasoned professionals, making it an ideal occasion for students, early-stage professionals, and experienced IT professionals.

Nolan Garrett, CEO of Intrinium and Torchlight, sees cyber as the critical safeguard that our community must pay attention to. “In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is not just a technical necessity but a critical community safeguard, especially for Spokane and Eastern Washington, as it ensures the protection of our digital assets, bolsters economic resilience and upholds the privacy and security of our residents.”

“Cybersecurity is important to our community because while most small businesses don’t make the news, they are 53% of the targeted businesses. When our local small businesses suffer, and we lose them to cyber-criminal attacks, we lose great assets to our local economy,” says John Hansman, CEO of Truit, a local Managed Service Provider.

The INCH360 Annual Event is more than just a conference; it’s a chance to foster collaboration, promote education, and strengthen the cybersecurity community in the Inland Northwest region. The event aims to be a hub for individuals at all levels of the cybersecurity industry, living up to its name with “INCH” representing the Inland Northwest Cyber Hub and “360” symbolizing the goal to be an all-encompassing hub for the cybersecurity community. The event is free to attend, but pre-registration tickets are required. To secure your spot and take part in this unique opportunity, visit Don’t miss the chance to be part of the Inland Northwest’s premier cybersecurity event!

The Annual Event has many Community Sponsors, including:
Gold Sponsors: Drip7, CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), STCU, GoogleCloud, PaloAlto, Structured Communications, Aruba/Axis.
Additional Sponsors: BECU, VegaCLoud, Truit, Torchlight, Artemus Holdings, Netskope, Greater Spokane Inc, Cybertraps Podcast, Center for Cyber Ethics, Whitworth University, Eastern Washington University, Spokane Community Colleges, Gonzaga University.

For more information about INCH360 and the Annual Event, please contact:
Char MacKay 509.951.1044 Heather Stratford 509.530.8000 Drip7 509-703-5400


About INCH360:
The Inland Northwest Cyber Hub (INCH360) is a regional industry group dedicated to connecting cybersecurity and compliance professionals at all levels. The group focuses on promoting education, collaboration, and communication about resources, regional companies, and job opportunities.

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Heather Stratford, Founder of Drip7 Inc. “Cybersecurity is a critical part of our society. Businesses and individuals need to better understand how things are changing and how to protect and educate on the subject. Having resources, connection, and a community in the region will be essential for the growth of other tangential areas like biotech, air and space, and education.”

Pete Tucker, Computer Science Professor at Whitworth University and Chief Development Officer at Drip7 Inc., “Cybersecurity threats are increasing. Not enough has been done yet to help the Eastern Washington community protect themselves from these threats. Organizations, including INCH360, give businesses in our region the resources they need to defend themselves.”

Bill Kalivas, Google Cloud Enterprise Sales. “I am thrilled to see the local cybersecurity ecosystem collaborate to host the second annual cyber conference and, more importantly, come together to form INCH360 to help foster this growing industry sector in our region!”

Nolan Garrett, CEO of Intrinium and Torchlight. “INCH360 plays a pivotal role in fostering a vibrant, interconnected community, offering a unique platform where companies and individuals can collaborate, innovate, and grow together, strengthening our collective potential.”

Bryan Yamanaka, Founder of Arkangelos, “Every business in some way depends on technology to continue running. Cybersecurity is important to ensure the safety, data privacy, and availability of the services used by customers. Spokane/Eastern Washington should care because there is a growing population of skilled professionals here to support local businesses in their security journey”

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