Teaching the Teachers The Power of Community Partnerships

Category: GSI Events
April 22, 2021
4:30 PM -
6:30 PM

N2X will be presenting on how to create partnerships within the community for your classroom. N2X stands for changing the "N" in ConteNt 2 the "X" in ConteXt". Come learn about the power of partnerships to bring contextual experiences to the content of your classroom. They will share their history as a business that works to provide experiences that make the content come alive, through partnerships with industry and higher education. They will share an overview of "Viruses and Vaccines" content that can be taken back to your classroom to address the current context of the pandemic and the vaccine rollout.

N2X is partnering with WSU Health Sciences Spokane as they discuss the partnerships in the community they have created including Mead School District and their "Medical Mystery" night as well as career pathways necessary for the health sciences programs. Come join us as we explore the power of partnerships to enrich education.

Teaching the Teachers workshops gives educators the chance to attend a workshop hosted by a local business to learn about the careers and relevant skills students need to open a pathway to their future career. Businesses provide their expertise to share a real-life look at their organization, the types of careers they employ, and the training required to successfully work in their industry. We invite you to help us build a world-class talent pipeline.

Workshops are open to all teachers, advisors, college & career readiness counselors, administrators in NEWESD 101. STEM clock hours will be provided to each attendee.

2 STEM Clock Hours will be provided to qualified attendees.

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