UX Book Club

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March 27, 2019
6:00 PM -
8:00 PM
Location: StartUp Spokane

If you have been dying to share a new UX book or looking for an incentive to finish one on your bookshelf – UX Book Club is here.

How It Works
📚 Bring a favorite UX book to share with the group.
⏰ You will have 5 minutes to share the book and answer questions.
🤙 No pressure to have to share, you are welcome to hang out.

Ideas for sharing:
– Why you would recommend it to others.
– Summarize the central topic discussed in the book.
– What method did you learn?
– Where their solutions you were able to implement?
– Share a specific passage that struck you as significant.

Hosted at:
StartUp Spokane — The front door for entrepreneurship in the region, offering free resources to the startup community.

Important things to know:
We follow Future Ada’s Code of Conduct.

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