Virtual Business AfterSchool-Wagstaff Inc.

Category: GSI Events
November 5, 2020
3:00 PM -
3:30 PM


We are taking Business AfterSchool Virtual! There will be a short presentation of various jobs at Wagstaff, and then a live Q and A with staff members.

This workshop will focus on the many careers in engineering and manufacturing, and will highlight some of the diverse opportunities in a concept-to-production facility. Middle and high school students can learn about the future of working in industrial manufacturing with focus on welding, mechanical design, industrial programming, CNC machining, and engineering careers.

Wagstaff, Inc. is a 75-year-old industrial manufacturing and engineering company that provides systems to help to large producers, such as Kaiser and Alcoa, turn molten aluminum into solid shapes. Most aluminum cans, airplane bodies, and foil have morphed from molten metal to solid aluminum through Wagstaff molds. Numerous everyday items, such as bicycles, automobile bodies, wheels, and ladders, are end products of the aluminum industry. 

Wagstaff’s headquarters are located in Spokane, Washington, USA, where the majority of the company’s systems and components are designed and manufactured. The company also operates a facility in Hebron, Kentucky, where a portion of the manufacturing is done. The facility consists of around 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

This workshop is designed specifically for middle & high school students.

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