BECU TeamPeople helping people, that’s the philosophy of GSI member partner BECU and has been since it was founded by a group of Boeing employees in 1935. In 2002, BECU became a full community credit union and opened its doors to provide services to members of the Washington State community.

It’s a beautiful thing to help out others in the region you live in. As a community-based organization, BECU awarded $535,000 in 2021 to local nonprofit organizations through their annual People Helping People Awards program, driven by BECU members. This was part of more than $5.7 million they shared with our local communities last year.

Although BECU has had had three physical branch locations here in Spokane for the last five years, they’ve been a part of the Spokane region for much longer. In 2003, they opened an Operations Center in Spokane Valley and now have more than 250 employees who work, play, and live in the greater Spokane area. They continue to prioritize supporting their members with programs such as an annual Loan Reprice program and a First-time Home Buyer Grant program. They are also running a special, free gift, promotion for new Early Savers during the month of April, in honor of National Youth Savers Month.

“We believe that the earlier the next generation begins learning about saving, the more financially secure they’ll be as they grow,” said Erick Peck. BECU is offering a special treat for establishing membership with an Early Saver account at their branches. The theme of this year’s Youth Month is “Save Small. Dream Big.”  You can learn more by stopping by any BECU branch or by clicking here.

Thank you, BECU, for being such a great part of our community and always striving to create positive impacts!


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