Kiemle Hagood

GSI member partner Kiemle Hagood has been a staple of the Spokane community for a long time, celebrating their 50-year anniversary. Starting with just a handful of employees the company, run originally by Ed Kiemle and Jerry Hagood, had a focus on property management and commercial brokerage. Over the years they have leased, sold, and managed millions of square feet of real estate and some of the most iconic Spokane properties. Now, they have almost 175 employees and have offices in Spokane, Kennewick, Moscow, Coeur d’Alene, and Missoula with their services expanding to include multifamily housing development and refinancing, construction management, and facility maintenance.

Aerial Shot – DT Spokane.

Kiemle Hagood recognizes Spokane as a relationship-driven business environment and points to that reason for their success and growth throughout the region. Their current President and CEO, Gordon Hester said, “ Our business philosophy has always been to do everything we can to create customer success. If you are customer-centric in all your decision-making, the success in your business will follow.” Because of this they continue to have significant growth in their management services, housing development group, and their brokerage business as they head into their third generation of ownership.

We’re lucky to have Kiemle Hagood as a part of the Spokane region’s business community, not only because of the services you provide, but because of the commitment to our community you have shown throughout the years. Thank you!

For more information, visit Kiemle Hagood at: https://kiemlehagood.com/


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