Finding Time for School

Five Tactics to Help You Find The Time for School….AND Protect It

Time is one of the main considerations adults make when thinking about finishing their degree. Having enough time for family, friends, work and self can be challenging enough.  Adding school to that mix might seem daunting. The five tactics below could help you find the time…and protect it to ensure your successful degree completion.

Tactic # 1:  Find a program that fits your schedule best.
There are many different course formats available for the working adult. College and Universities are offering more courses and full programs each year to fit the busy schedules of students. If you are looking for evening, hybrid (in-class/online), fully online, or even competency based – there is a program available at a local institution.

Tactic # 2: Identify time wasters…and get rid of them. 
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that people aged 15+ spend on average 2.8 hours a day watching TV. That’s 42.5 days a year!  As you consider finishing your degree, spend a week tracking how you spend your time. This will enable you to see what activities you can cut back on to create the time you need to study and finish your degree.

Tactic # 3. Create “together alone” time.
If you have family in the home, consider asking everyone to study, work or do another quiet, independent activity at the same time you’re reading or studying. This “together alone” time unites all of you physically, while enabling you to focus on your own projects and priorities.

Tactic # 4: Convert “wait time” into “study time.”
Whether sitting in traffic, waiting for your bus to arrive, or for your children to finish their playdate, you have pockets of time in which to squeeze in a little studying. Consider always carrying your homework with you (mobile devices make this easier to do) so you can take full advantage of these quiet moments.

Tactic # 5:  Surround yourself with support.
Returning to school to finish your degree is such an important decision. Let those around you know what you’re doing, and why. Many will be supportive and could be called on to help when you need it most.


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