GSI hosts Roche Diagnostics and IBRI in Spokane

GSI hosted Roche Diagnostics and the Indiana Biomedical Research Institute (IBRI) May 10 and 11 for a special networking opportunity, in conjunction with their attending a ribbon cutting for PAML’s new Roche Automated Medical Laboratory Testing Line.

Roche Diagnostics, a diagnostic division of Hoffman-La Roche, manufactures equipment and reagents for research and medical diagnostic applications.

Alongside executives from Roche Diagnostics and the IBRI, GSI’s VISION 2030 Executive Advisory Council and other city officials and leaders took part in a learning exchange focused on developing economic growth in the health and life sciences industry. Indianapolis, Ind. has transformed into a life sciences hub due in large part to the IBRI’s presence. Spokane community leaders hope the same type of transformation can take place here, by growing the health and life sciences industries throughout our region.

During their visit, GSI facilitated meetings and conversations, allowing attendees to learn from each other to contribute to GSI’s VISION 2030 initiative, which is led by GSI in partnership with leaders from the business, health care, life sciences, and higher education sectors.

The two-day event included a welcome reception, breakfast with community leaders, and numerous informal conversations. Community representatives shared valuable assets of our region regarding education, our region’s talent pipeline, the future of medicine throughout Spokane, and an overview of the area’s smart city effort. IBRI also presented, sharing details of how the organization formed, its current status, and future strategies.

GSI’s VISION 2030 initiative is focused on creating a health and life sciences hub in the Spokane region. Information gathered during the visit from Roche and the IBRI will assist the VISION 2030 Executive Advisory Council in developing new strategies for the initiative.

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