State of the City Address Emphasizes Working Together

GSI hosted the annual State of the City address last week. Mayor Nadine Woodward urged people to listen to each other, find common ground, and respectfully articulate divergent viewpoints as the pathway to progress today during her annual State of the City Address.

She reminded the 400 attendees that the best times in the city share a few commonalities:  big ideas that turned challenges into opportunities, critical community partnerships that worked effectively across perceived boundaries, and the will to get it done. Spokane, she said, has seen tremendous effort, progress, and much opportunity and is ready to embrace the opportunities ahead.

While acknowledging there is more work to be done, Woodward talked about advancements in public safety, housing, homelessness, economic development, mental health, and many other critical areas that have made the community safer, more secure, and more sustainable.

“We’ve accomplished so much to build a safer, more secure, and sustainable Spokane, and yet we still have so much left to do,” Woodward said.

Mayor Woodward also spoke about advocacy issues underway to address drug use, investments in downtown Spokane, homelessness, and more.

If you missed it and want to learn more, check out the recording below. Thank you to the City of Spokane, the Spokane Convention Center, and our sponsors for helping make this event possible: Presented by Numerica Credit Union, Spokane Corporate housing, Idaho Central Credit Union, Washington State University Spokane, Spokane Public Facilities District, Whitworth University, and Southwest Airlines.


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