Supporting our region’s business community with the Greater Spokane 7

Spokane Aerial from ToddAs the Spokane region’s largest business development organization, Greater Spokane Incorporated is convening, coordinating, facilitating, and leading economic development efforts throughout our region. We want to see a vibrant Spokane region where businesses and communities thrive.

The Greater Spokane 7 Strategic Plan focuses our organization’s efforts into seven key areas that maximize economic development efforts and our mission. Achieve, Advocate, and Build serve as the three foundational strategies for GSI. We work to retain a greater talent pool of skilled workers who drive innovation and productivity to meet the needs of employers throughout the region. Our organization advocates on behalf of employers and the community at the local, state, and federal level so that businesses can thrive in our region. GSI’s foundation is finished with Build, which encourages us to support more financing, creation, and expansion of infrastructure to grow commerce.

With our three foundational strategies of Achieve, Advocate, and Build, the Greater Spokane 7 also has four priority strategies that set our course: Startup, Expand, Retain, and Recruit. We believe in developing homegrown businesses throughout our region. By fueling innovation, we spur our region forward, and attract other innovators. Small businesses make up a vast majority of GSI members, which reflects the dynamic of our region.

One of the overlooked elements of economic development is retaining current businesses. We believe in providing a climate where businesses have a greater chance to succeed, compete, and grow. All four of the priority strategies, combined with our three foundational strategies, allow us to stand out in recruiting new businesses to our region.

We want to thank the GSI Board of Trustees for their time and commitment, and for creating a vision for GSI. We look forward to working with you, our partners, as we implement key initiatives and strategies to move our community forward.

Take a look at the full GSI Strategic Plan, and connect with us as we create something greater for the Spokane region.


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