Our Priorities: Advocating for a competitive, strong, vibrant region


Our federal agenda curates priorities from around the Spokane region on federal policies, laws and rule-making that guide the employer community. Much like our state agenda, the federal agenda lists priorities that will enable our region to grow and prosper through smart policies around economic development, workforce, the spectrum of education services, healthcare, energy and our robust airport.

In past years we organized advocacy items by category, but this year the agenda has a new format that tactically changes the way we advocate for the diverse issues that surround our county: DRIVE, PARTNER, and SUPPORT. These three strategies help us distinguish how we engage in public policy work for the region, where we can focus our efforts and where we can assist and support other great work.

DRIVE means we are leading the charge. We are driving advocacy efforts around trade, which is an important indicator for economic health. As Washington state is the most trade-dependent state in the country, it is of utmost importance to ensure that we advocate for policies that support trade and economic development.

Workforce and higher education are pivotal in developing the workforce that our Washington State economy needs today and into tomorrow, so this is another effort we are driving. Health care is such an important industry for our region, we’re striving to utilize options that can increase our Graduate Medical Education (GME) availability in our region.

And lastly, how people move matters. We will drive to continue investment in federal infrastructure policy, including the Better Utilizing Investment to Leverage Development (BUILD) grants to provide much-needed funding for projects that connect our businesses and citizens. Related to this is airport improvements through the Passenger Facility Charge (PFC). It is with these dollars that the Spokane International Airport will take Spokane into a safer, simpler flying future.

Spokane is a connected region, and we believe this year’s agenda hones in on policy that is important to keep our region competitive, strong and vibrant. Keep reading the 2019 Federal Priority Agenda.




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