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An important part of any research community is a supply of high-quality microbiological culture media. Finding a quality supplier able to create custom plates and provide top notch customer service can be a challenge. Local startup, S² Media has stepped in to fill that void. S²’s mission is to provide the best quality media with the best service in the Pacific Northwest. While they can ship their product virtually anywhere, they are focused on first creating inroads in the market in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

Based in Spokane Valley, S² Media works from a 5,000 square foot office and warehouse space that includes a full microbiology lab and a clean room environment to ensure products are not contaminated with dust or air particulate. Co-founders Stephanie Bernards, Sommer Teague, and Molly Paridon make up the management team at S².

Starting a company like S² required significant investment and expertise. Equipment had to be specially qualified and validated quality control procedures had to be developed.  Armed with an SBA loan and more than 40 years of combined industry experience, the three founders were up to the challenge!

A note from the Director: “We have a unique business manufacturing microbiology culture media in the Pacific Northwest. Startup Spokane was a resource unknown to us until April 2017.  After attending a networking event hosted by WSU and overhearing people talking with Megan, our relationship with Startup was born. I reached out to Megan and had a meeting scheduled the next day to start the next chapter in our business success.  Since the first meeting, we have been introduced to many people and programs available to build businesses.  Without making that first connection with Startup Spokane we would not have been able to connect with the right people and programs to help grow our business.” – Stephanie Bernards

To learn more about S² Media, click here.


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