Share Space Spokane Is On The Move!

ShareSpaceSpokaneBig News for the Spokane’s startup community- Share Space Spokane is growing up and out of their new location, and will be moving into some new digs come September!

If you’ve been in Share Space recently, you may have noticed- things can get busy! We’ve grown in the last 6 months from 12 full time members to 25 full time members plus our punchcard users, and there seems to be no shortage in people looking for a low cost option to run their company or launch their next startup. In short, we need some room to grow!

We love a lot of things about our current space, but as it stands, the space is not suited for a functional coworking space. Lack of desk space on busy days, acoustics, electrical outlets, privacy, and other challenges have played part in the decision, but so has the vision of what we want Share Space to become in the future.

Partnered with Startup Spokane, Share Space Spokane’s goal is to be the center of our entrepreneurship and small business community- a place where not only coworking can function on a larger scale effectively and comfortably, but so can large community events, mentorship connections, and educational opportunity with our entrepreneurship partners. Share Space as is, didn’t fit that bigger vision. As we move forward, we will continue to integrate and expand our programs, so that as a member of Share Space Spokane, you will benefit for the knowledge, resources, and connections that Startup Spokane and it’s partners continue to build.

So What’s the New Place Like?

Our new home is currently being rebuilt from the studs up to suit us as a co-working community. In partnership with architectural firm Nystrom–Olson and the team who owns the Entrepreneurship Center building, our partners and I have worked on a design that brings in all the best elements from other coworking spaces across the US, here in Spokane. With multiple glass wall meeting rooms, private phone booths for taking calls, large custom work stations, a lounge area, electrical outlets galore, kitchen with retro appliances, and stage for events, it will all be built into a space with lofty ceilings, brick and glass walls, and old wood floors.

We’ll have over twice as much room as our current space, in a much more functional layout for getting work done. Being next to the Entrepreneurship Center also plays well, as our members become ready for other space options like a full time office, they can make the natural transition upstairs to one of the entrepreneurship center’s small office suites, all while staying plugged into the Share Space Community.

What’s Next?I invite you all to stop by Share Space Spokane next Wednesday the 29th, between 3:30-5 to chat as a community of existing and potential members. All that are interested are welcome to join the conversation for this new community resource.

Share Space Spokane will provide beverages and post some of the renditions for the new space, answer any questions you may have, and see if we can’t stop by the new building to take a look at the building progress. I want us all to have the ability to make this place our own, and am looking forward to the new adventure for Share Space Spokane. I hope you all will join us in the transition!

If you have any additional questions or comments in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me as always

Here’s To Next Steps!

Ryan Arnold
Entrepreneurship Program Director
Greater Spokane Inc | Startup Spokane | Share Space Spokane


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