STEM Signing Day: In the Eyes of Shadle Park High School Student

Shadle Park High School senior shares experience at Washington State's STEM Signing Day

The 2nd annual Washington State STEM Signing Day was hosted by Washington STEM in partnership with Boeing to recognize, celebrate, and honor high school seniors who are interested in pursuing a degree or career in STEM. Students signed "letters of intent" to their chosen STEM field. Jaidan, from Shadle Park High School, shares her experience below.

My name is Jaidan Suber and I am from Shadle Park High School. On Friday, April 12, 2019 I was so fortunate to have had the opportunity to go to the Washington State STEM signing day presented by Boeing. I was informed of this opportunity by my college prep adviser at Shadle, who works for the College Success Foundation. The College Success Foundation was contacted by Spokane STEM because they were looking for a student to represent Spokane at this event. The College Success Foundation was kind enough to think of me to go this event due to the representatives knowing that I am going to Western Washington University to study Marine Biology.

I was able to travel to Olympia, our state capitol to attend the STEM signing day.

This event was special in many ways. Everyone who attended was able to sit in on the Senate passing bills. They passed a bill to allow military personnel and their families to attend a Washington State college with in-state tuition regardless of what state they are currently in.. It was a very special thing to see part of the process as to how laws in our state are made. The Senate also addressed us while we were there and they all stood and applauded. It was a great feeling to be recognized by some of the many people who run our state. There is no better feeling than to be appreciated by people who make such a big difference.

After we left the senate, we went into the Columbia room. There we were able to eat and talk to many Boeing and STEM representatives. We even got to meet a student who received the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship. I applied to this scholarship and am still waiting on a decision so it was very cool to hear about how the scholarship can impact someone’s ability to go to college. We also got to hear from a VP of Boeing. I know a couple people from Shadle who are applying to Boeing since they have been recruiting students. Hearing from someone who works in the company and not just what I’ve heard or seen on tv was a great opportunity.

Next, we got to sign our papers. This was the best part, this is what it was all about. I got to sign a  certificate stating that I am going into a STEM major next year. I also got introduced by the host, where he announced the school I currently attend, the school I am attending next year and what major I’m going into. I got to shake hands with each guest speaker and take a picture with them.

That was all for the event itself but afterward we were able to check out the building more. I unfortunately did not get to meet the senator for my district, senator Billig, but got to see him address the senate. This was amazing to see my senator, in action. Overall was a fantastic trip, a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am so thankful I got to be recognized at such an amazing event.


Thank you so much for this opportunity!

-Jaidan Suber



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