Exporter Profile: Lite-Check

with Bob Blair, CEO & Founder

Lite-Check Website HeaderFounded: 2002
Location: Spokane
Number of Employees: 32
Percentage of company revenue from exports: 10%

What types of products does Lite-Check manufacture?
Trailer diagnostic testers for lights, brakes, and ABS with a family of testers meeting different needs and with accessories.

To what countries do you currently export?
Canada and Mexico

When did Lite-Check first begin exporting? How did it come about?
2002. Canada and Mexico share the same vehicle standard, similar regulations, and the truck traffic crossing the borders.

What international markets are Lite-Check currently targeting and why?
We are exploring Australia because of the commonality of Canada.  Australia has both the North American and global vehicle system standards allowing a foothold with existing products leading to development of equipment meeting the global standards.

What has been Lite-Check’s biggest hurdle in acquiring foreign sales?
The global standard will require new technology and development.  However, the larger hurdle will be finding marketing partners.

What would your advice be for companies looking to expand into foreign markets?
Consult with US government agencies for help and advice.  With the internet, research the market and need.

Greater Spokane Incorporated’s International Trade program works to enhance the regional economy and support job creation through the growth of local trade activity. The Spokane region is home to many businesses taking part in international trade, and the Exporter Profile series aims to highlight this activity. Interested in pursuing foreign markets or expanding your exports? Visit GSI’s international trade page to learn more, or contact Drew Repp.


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