Protecting Your Company From E-Warfare

Studio Forensics Academy in Spokane, Washington
Photo by Jeremy Marinos

Is your company prepared for a crisis? There are lots of crises that could arise, so being prepared is essential, and since we’re in 2013, you might want to be prepared for an electronic one.

We’re talking about e-warfare, which happens when your company’s electronic network is corrupted by an internal or external individual. Searching for the perpetrator and figuring out how to avoid this problem in the future takes a unique set of skills.

Thank goodness for Spokane’s Studio Forensics Academy.

With hackers out there looking to do bad things – the group “Anonymous” is most well-known – your company might consider assessing its IT security.

Raj Chauhan, an Air Force veteran, heads up the Academy, where he teaches classes for anybody who is interested in e-warfare solutions. He also contracts with companies looking to solve problems with corrupted networks (learn how Chauhan got started on the Spokane STEM blog).

For example, say someone within your company infected your network, harming its infrastructure and your company. Studio Forensics can work with your company’s IT folks to investigate what happened, find the employee at fault and help your company ensure security in the future.*

The education side of Studio Forensics aims to teach how e-warfare attacks occur, and will help people better prepare for a possible investigation into their company’s network. Classes also teach people how to prevent e-warfare.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it’s becoming much more difficult to defend against e-warfare. Computers nowadays can take down an entire network infrastructure. Just imagine the havoc that could create for your company.

Studio Forensics can help you defend your company.

*Studio Forensics does not make discipline recommendations. It is a fact-finding entity only.


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