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Red Wagon at Spokane's Riverfront Park

The greater Spokane region is the best on the planet. That’s a bold statement that we’re not afraid to make. Let’s face it, we have everything we need here – great schools, great neighborhoods, great outdoor recreation, a 20-minute average commute to work, and a garbage eating goat (video).

But don’t take our word for it. We thought we’d back up our claim and share some of the accolades our region and our state have received in the past year or so. We’ll also add some comments.

Spokane a ‘winner’ in growth in the next 20 years – Stan Humphries, Zillow Chief Economist
Predictions, let alone ones that look at the next 20 years, are always hard to qualify. But Humphries obviously has his eye on Spokane, and that’s a good thing. Coming from Zillow (basically the Google of online home searches), people will definitely keep an eye on Spokane when looking at places to live.

Washington one of ten states that will boom in the next five years – Forbes Magazine
Forbes notes that the state’s, “strong aerospace and technology sectors and a vibrant export economy,” helped Washington come in at no. 6 on the list. The Aerospace industry, in particular, has been on our minds lately. We had a staff member join Governor Gregoire’s Trade Mission to Europe this week to show off our region’s stellar aerospace industry. Did you know there are at least 80 aerospace-related companies and suppliers in the Inland Northwest? The Spokane region is doing its part to contribute to that predicted ‘boom.’ We blogged about the aerospace industry’s advantages in September of 2011.

Spokane a low-risk area for natural disasters – The New York Times
A little more than a year old, but this diagram shows Spokane among the areas in the country that doesn’t see much – or any – in the way of natural disasters. Sure, it rains a time or two, and it snows in the winter (perfect for those five ski resorts all within a two hour drive!), but nobody in Spokane ever boards up their windows in fear of a hurricane, nor do residents build basements for the purpose of escaping to during a tornado. Plus, our mild climate and low-risk of natural disasters make for a great, safe home to the new KC-46A tankers, don’t you think?

Spokane a top community for young people – America’s Promise Alliance
The area’s cool schools, pools, splash pads, parks, summer camps, lakes, and the many nonprofits aimed at aiding young people make Spokane great for kids, teens, and young adults. A large college-age population can frequent the downtown arts district or find fun anywhere else around town, really. The Spokane Parks Department has a huge assortment of programs for young people, like paddling down the Little Spokane River, to name just one.

Spokane a top place to retire to – CNN Money
Spokane is a regional medical hub, which is just one reason why retirees enjoy living here. But that’s not the only reason – a vibrant downtown and the glorious greens at our 33 regional golf courses contribute as well. The competitive cost of living and living in a state with no income tax doesn’t hurt, either.

(By the way, isn’t it ironic that Spokane is a great place for both young people and retirees, as well as businesses? When we say there’s something for everyone here, we mean it!)

So there you have it. Outside viewpoints on Spokane and Washington state. We keep a running list of accolades for you to peruse.


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