Emphasize the importance of college completion in the workplace.
Create a career development path for employees that allows supervisors to address gaps in education.
Incorporate a philosophy of education attainment by emphasizing learning goals in individual career development plans.
Influence an employee’s current position, promotions and transfers to new positions.

Educate & Engage

Empower employees to be smart consumers and to navigate the systems of education attainment.
Help drive down recruitment costs and provide internal education supports for your employees.
Establish a College Tuition Reimbursement Program and other support programs.
Offer a flexible work environment.
Create a mentorship program for attainment in your company.
Recognize and celebrate the education attainment of your employees.


Become an advocate for your employees in their education attainment efforts.
Provide access to the Greater Minds Initiative. Our neutral Navigator works with your business to provide you and your employees with information and services related to postsecondary education opportunities and affordability.

Connect with a Greater Minds Navigator today!

The Navigator will work with your Human Resources department to provide you and your employees’ information and services related to postsecondary education opportunities and help guide you and your employees through the process.

Jodi Brant, Education Attainment Navigator
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