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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Positive Economic Trends, But How Positive? 

Spokane Regional Business Barometer Q3, 2014 “Economic growth in the Spokane area hasn’t changed much in the last 12 months,” says Avista Chief Economist Grant Forsyth. He describes it as “just chugging along” and says he expects the economy in … Read more

Housing Market “Chugging Along”

Spokane Regional Business Barometer – Q3, 2014 The housing market is “chugging along,” according to Avista Chief Economist Grant Forsyth, and recovering at a modest pace. Shaun O’L. Higgins, Managing Principal of The Oxalis Group LLC says, “We saw a 3.3% … Read more

CPI and Federal Reserve Action Hold the Key 

Spokane Regional Business Barometer – Q3, 2014 Year-to-year for third quarter, the CPI rose from 1.19 to 1.57, but was down slightly from 1.9% for second quarter 2014. “The CPI should now continue to moderate through year-end and into next … Read more

Retail Sales Growth Remains Steady

Spokane Regional Business Barometer – Q2, 2014 Reminder: Sales tax reporting lags one quarter behind other indicators. While taxable retail sales for second quarter increased 3.8% over the same period last year, it was a slower level of growth than … Read more

Recent Permitting Trends Continue

Spokane Regional Business Barometer – Q3, 2014 Permit numbers for the entire county were up slightly, but valuations were less than half of what they were in third quarter 2013. Shaun O’L. Higgins, Managing Principal of The Oxalis Group LLC says, … Read more

Job Creation Continues to Trail State & Nation

Spokane Regional Business Barometer – Q3, 2014 “Employment growth for the quarter remained slow, up 0.5% from third quarter 2013, but it was up a bit from the comparable numbers for second quarter this year,” says Shaun O’L. Higgins, Managing Principal … Read more

Airport Continues Modest Upward Trend

Spokane Regional Business Barometer – Quarter 3, 2014 Passenger totals were up 1.1% year-to-year for the third quarter, with cargo up 1.2% for the same period. “The airlines continue to exercise capacity discipline at small and medium sized airports, such … Read more

Mentorship Program Kickoff Party!

In a couple of weeks we’re throwing the Startup Spokane Mentorship Program Kickoff Party and if you’re interested in mentoring local startups and entrepreneurs, we want to meet you! We’re looking for dedicated people with startup experience and entrepreneurial spirit … Read more

Share Space Spokane: You Should Be Here!

If working from home just isn’t doing for you … If you can’t seem to focus on tasks from your seat in the coffee shop … You should totally become part of the Share Space Spokane community! Starting at just $95/month, … Read more

Entrepreneur Spotlight: OBLOCO

Victor Yefremov, CEO at OBLOCO Entrepreneur Spotlight highlights what local entrepreneurs are working on in Spokane, and what makes them tick. A first-generation Russian immigrant, Victor started OBLOCO, an intelligent cloud-based paper receipt alternative that helps people keep track of all of … Read more