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Monthly Archives: May 2015

GSI PTAC Leader Retires

At the end of this month we say goodbye to a valued member of the GSI team. Leslie Miller has served as Manager of the Eastern Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) for nearly five years. During her time here, … Read more

Vision 2030 Meets Face-to-Face with Legislative Leaders

The legislature is currently in the midst of its first special session to craft an operating budget, capital budget and transportation budget. Representatives of GSI’s Board-led Vision 2030 met with key legislative leaders, budget writers and Governor Jay Inslee at … Read more

BizStreet: Your Road to Better Business

Small businesses account for more than 75% of GSI’s general membership, and the bulk of the greater-Spokane region’s economy. In other words, around here, small business is a big deal! Last week more than 130 small business owners and supporters … Read more

GSI Part of Earned Safe and Sick Leave Stakeholder Group

Does the City of Spokane need an Earned Safe and Sick Leave ordinance that will mandate all City of Spokane businesses to provide paid sick leave? That is a question that the Earned Safe and Sick Leave Stakeholder group is … Read more

GSI Believes That Education Grows Economies

GSI’s Education and Workforce program strives to position the region for economic expansion by establishing a highly educated and technically skilled workforce that will accommodate the needs of employers, now and into the future. As the backbone of the Spokane … Read more

GSI Members Share Good News!

Pitney Bowes Unveils New Inside Sales Center of Excellence Pitney Bowes Inc, a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions that power commerce, unveiled its new Center of Excellence for Inside Sales in Spokane last month. The global … Read more

Business Barometer: Q4 2014 Closing Thoughts

Steve Scranton: The economy is going to be heavily influenced by oil prices and the strength of the dollar. For the agricultural sector, energy makes up 30 to 40% of their costs and the lower gas prices have had a strong … Read more

Inflation Rate Remains Low; Interest Rate Hike Expected

Year-to-year, the CPI rose from 1.14% in 2013 to 1.32% in 2014. The CPI for fourth quarter went steeply in the opposite direction, from 1.42% to 0.65%, primarily due to the dramatic decrease in gas prices. “It’s very positive that we … Read more

Permit Numbers and Valuations Go in Opposite Directions

Permit numbers for the entire county were up nearly 11% for fourth quarter and 9% year-to-year. Valuations, however, were down 60% for fourth quarter and nearly 40% year-to-year. Shaun O’L. Higgins, Managing Principal at The Oxalis Group, LLC, points out, “No one … Read more

Employment Growth Noticeably Better

Spokane County added 2,100 jobs in 2014, and unemployment fell from 7.9% in 2013 to 6.8% in 2014. “As long as you don’t compare us to the state number, which is heavily dominated by the growth in Puget Sound,” says … Read more