And a Round of Applause Goes To…

Grocery Outlet Downtown Spokane

Being “greater” is something our organization strives for each day. It’s in our name. We figured it’s time to see how our business community is creating something greater.

Let’s get to it.

1) We all know of someone who left Spokane and returned later in life. That holds true for Mike Tedesco, the new President of the Downtown Spokane Partnership. Mike grew up in Spokane before holding similar jobs in Pueblo, Colo., South Fork, Colo. and the Puget Sound. Welcome home, Mike!

2) STCU recently completed its campaign with the Children’s Miracle Network and raised a grand total of $10,431 for local kids. Great job! Check out the video.

3) We recently co-hosted the 2011 Inland Northwest Manufacturers Expo and Dinner Awards. More than 400 people attended the two-day expo, with another 230 attending the Manufacturing Awards Dinner at The Davenport Hotel, where local companies Hotstart, Inc., and Sonderen Packaging Inc. brought home some nice hardware. Tons of other companies were able to network and help support this important industry. Nice job! (By the way, did you know the manufacturing industry contributes around $3.7 billion to our regional economy?)

4) 40 years ago, you may have been watching All in the Family or paying just 40 cents a gallon for gas. At the same time, Career Path Services was just getting off the ground. All these years later, it’s alive and a very successful company. Congrats to a great local business for 40 great years!

5) On that same subject, in 1996, Braveheart took home the Academy Award for Best Picture, “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal was the Record of the Year, AOL was rapidly becoming cool, the Unabomber was finally apprehended, and Desautel Communications and Marketing opened up shop in Spokane. Now calling itself Desautel Hege Communications, the PR and Marketing firm will soon celebrate 15 years in business. Congrats!

6) Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children’s Hospital is growing! The medical center will break ground Oct. 31 for its expanded emergency department. Our stellar health care industry continues to progress!

7) Some local businesses are celebrating grand openingsGrocery Outlet opened its doors today at its new downtown location, and Intrinium Networks / IT Security will celebrate its grand opening Nov. 3.

Our business community’s accomplishments are ones to look up to. Whether it’s raising money for a good cause, taking home awards, or celebrating anniversaries and beginnings, all are creating something greater for the Spokane region.

If you have good news about your business, drop us a note!


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