Avista Buys Local with its Huntington Park Project

Huntington Park in Spokane

We’ve written before how people can buy local – shopping at local stores and supporting local small businesses is an easy concept to grasp.

But how can businesses support buying locally? One local project is a perfect example of how a large project can still be successfully completed using resources that are 100 percent local.

Recently, Avista Utilities partnered with the City of Spokane to develop Huntington Park next to City Hall and Avista’s Post Street Substation (the historic downtown Washington Water Power Building).

The park will create a nice way for folks to view the falls of the Spokane River and will connect to Riverfront Park. The park is expected to officially open next spring.

Buy Local Spokane

Avista is living the Buy Local example when developing this park. The primary and general contractor Avista is using is local company and GSI member Land Expressions. Nine of the ten sub-contractors are from Spokane. The one that isn’t? It’s from Coeur d’Alene. Still local!

(Besides, want to bet some of that company’s employees live in the Spokane area?)

The primary and sub-contractors are in industries ranging from landscape architects to engineering services, demolition services, excavation work, electrical work, rental equipment and much more.

This is a great example of a longtime Spokane business making a point to hire local contractors. There’s no need to go out and find an out-of-town firm – the Spokane region has everything Avista and other companies need for a project like this.

So why is this good for our area?

Hiring local contractors and supporting local businesses means residents of our area will have secure jobs and their companies will have revenue coming in. Take the primary contractor for example – Land Expressions. The company’s employees have a secure job with this project and will be able to recycle those dollars into the local community when they buy food, gas, clothing, coffee, etc.

Land Expressions can also use the income from this project to grow its business and work with other local companies.

Buying locally is healthy for a community and keeps your neighbors employed. When you have a choice to support or hire a local business versus a national one, which do you choose?

Here’s how you can show your support for buying locally:

  • Display the Buy Local logo on your website, your email signature, your business cards – anywhere! Download the logo here.
  • Make it a point to seek out local companies first when beginning a project. We have about 1,300 GSI members that would be interested in working with you!
  • Hang a poster in your windows. We have plenty of them for free! Call 509-321-3601 for information.
  • Encourage your employees to buy locally and illustrate how the dollars they spend in town recycle throughout the community.

Kudos to Avista for using entirely local companies for the Huntington Park project. The community will benefit from the park itself and the sustained employment of the primary and sub-contractors.

View photos from the Huntington Park groundbreaking ceremony


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