Let’s Finish What We Started

GSI supports the Senate Transportation Package because it will provide $1 billion in state funding for Eastern Washington transportation projects that are vital to improving the economic development of the greater-Spokane region. If passed, this will be one the largest-ever funding packages the region will have ever received.

We need to finish what we started! The bipartisan $15 billion transportation funding package will receive hearing in the House Transportation Committee on Thursday, March 26, at 3:30 p.m.

Contact your legislators today and urge them to vote YES on the transportation package. Listed below are some talking points you can use when communicating with your representative.

The $ 1 billion for Eastern Washington would be used to:

Complete the North Spokane Corridor to I-90

  • Currently 47.5 million tons of freight travel through Spokane each year. Businesses in the region need a transportation infrastructure system that allows for faster and easier export and import of products.
  • Driving on deficient roads cost each Spokane driver $1,423 per year; funding for maintenance and preservation is important.
  • For each $1 million spent, 10 jobs are created.
  • Funding will allow for completion of the corridor, creating a thoroughfare that will save businesses 9.4 million hours $242 million in travel time annually; traveling the NSC will save businesses a daily average of 30 minutes.

Improve to the Medical Lake Interchange SR-902

  • Demands of the I-90/Medical Lake Interchange continue to grow; because of its proximity to Spokane International Airport, Medical Lake is an area proposed for economic development.
  • Increased private development in the area – including the recruitment of aerospace industries and large manufacturing facilities such as Caterpillar – are causing traffic back-ups that delay the shipment of products to and from the area.
  • Funding for this project will construct new roundabouts at both ramp terminals and the SR 902/Geiger intersection, widening the existing bridge over I-90; and upgrade all ramps to current design standards.

Update I-90 from Barker to Harvard

  • Liberty Lake’s continued growth, coupled with increased freight and commuter traffic across the nearby state line, presents lingering congestion and delay concerns between Barker and Harvard Roads.
  • Traffic volumes on this major commute and travel route for Eastern Washington and North Idaho exceed 100,000 vehicles per day.
  • The approved transportation package will provide funds needed to widen the freeway, update interchange connections, and address congestion choke points from Spokane to the Idaho border.

Begin the Barker Road Grade Separation Project

  • The areas surrounding the Barker Road Crossing are forecasted to have among the region’s highest growth rates in employment and housing density between 2010 and 2040.
  • This project will separate vehicle traffic from train traffic, allowing critical transit, trade and emergency access in the area.
  • Funding will eliminate train-vehicle conflicts and delays, and provide appropriate high-speed on and off ramps for traffic to enter and exit SR290 from Barker Road.

Implement Corridor Improvements to the Central City Line

  • State funding will provide a match to federal funding to implement the necessary corridor improvements through the downtown core including streetscapes and passenger facilities investments.

These projects will improve the economic development of the Spokane region and Eastern Washington. They’ll create jobs and provide a first-class transportation system necessary for successful business recruitment.

We are one Washington, and we all need to work together to provide the type of infrastructure that will meet the demands of companies we are trying to recruit.

Contact your legislators today and urge them to vote YES on the transportation package.


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