Accra-Fab Announces Retention and Expansion Plans in Liberty Lake

Greg Konkol, CEO of Accra-Fab, and the Accra-Fab Board of Directors are pleased to announce their plans to remain and grow in Washington at their Liberty Lake facility.

Accra-Fab began as a sheet metal fabricator, and has expanded over recent years to include engineering, design, prototyping, contract manufacturing, welding, finishing and assembly. The company has expanded their industry portfolio to include aerospace, test and measurement, energy, telecommunications, medical, coffee and precision industrial equipment. Accra-Fab has been instrumental in growing the aerospace industry in Spokane County, helping to lead the Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium (INWAC) and driving supply chain innovations and technologies.

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To accommodate their growth plans, the company had been performing a multi-year business case analysis, including looking at alternate locations in Washington and Idaho.

“We are pleased to have teamed with GSI to explore programs and gain access to resources that validate and support doing business in Washington, and specifically Spokane County,” said Greg Konkol, Accra-Fab CEO. “It is the Board’s responsibility to make sure we are growing this company and remaining competitive in a global economy. Having the opportunity to participate in the retention program, expanding our reach to key resources and partners allowed us to solidify our commitment as a Liberty Lake, WA-based business.”

As part of Greater Spokane Incorporated’s Economic Development Retention Program, GSI and a team of partners began working closely with Accra-Fab on connections to resources, including the Governor’s Office, the Departments of Commerce and Labor and Industries, the state delegation, training programs and property owners in Spokane County. Each partner provided information and support for maintaining the Spokane County location, including the review of industry incentives as well as access to decision makers and training funds.

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“Thanks to our AIR Spokane team members – Avista, City of Spokane, Community Colleges of Spokane, Spokane County, and Spokane International Airport – and other critical partners, such as the City of Liberty Lake, we were able to convene a team to aggressively work together to retain Accra-Fab as part of our high growth aerospace sector,” said Todd Mielke, CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated.

“Our objective was to make sure we had a win-win for the employees, the employer and the land owners in a challenging environment of business growth and competition. Knowing all the issues allowed us to provide leadership and find a solution for all interested parties that met Accra-Fab’s objectives to maintain and expand their presence while calling Liberty Lake home,” said Mayor Steve Peterson.

Accra-Fab currently has over 160 employees, and anticipates growth exceeding 10% at their Liberty Lake location. State recruitment and training programs will be utilized to help assist with the employment growth, including new equipment training, technical, management and leadership development and industry specific technical training. Accra-Fab brings $53.5 million in annual economic impact to our region.

If your company is looking for business expansion assistance, please contact Robin Toth at 509.321.3636. For more information about GSI’s Economic Development Retention Program visit

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