Meet Future Employees through The Internship Network on April 30

Businesses in our community continue to face an unprecedented challenge in finding qualified employees to fill positions. Recent data suggests that over 70% of businesses are struggling to recruit suitable candidates, highlighting a need for innovative solutions to bridge this gap. This is due, in part, to new employees leaving as soon as they are hired.

In response to this concern, and as part of our work to build, champion, and retain a talented workforce, we are proud to launch The Internship Network, a program aimed at bolstering the availability of internships within the Spokane region and grow the economy.

The Internship Network brings together local businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations, united to grow the economy and create a talent pipeline and career opportunities for students.

A key aspect of this initiative is to help create meaningful connections between businesses and students. Many students express a desire to gain firsthand experience in a professional setting before fully entering the workforce. By providing insights into industries and professions, internships offer excellent learning opportunities and help students make informed career decisions. This sets expectations for the new employee, and lessons anxiety of making the transition from student to employee.

Businesses are recognizing the value of engaging with students. These connections not only enable companies to showcase their organizational culture and career opportunities but also lay the groundwork for establishing relationships with potential future employees. By participating, businesses can proactively nurture their own talent pipelines and position themselves as employers of choice within our own community.

If you have an intern hired for the summer, will you consider helping them start their career on the right foot? We are thrilled to announce a new event on April 30 called, The Internship Network: Evolution from Student to Employee. This event is a great opportunity for you to send your new employees to learn about workplace culture, communication in the workplace and how to make the transition from student to employee.

By participating, your business can take proactive steps towards securing their future talent needs while contributing to the growth and vitality of our community. We hope to see your interns there! Register Here.


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