JumpStart with Jessica White Boost Your Bottom Line Strategies for Profit Acceleration

Category: StartUp & Entrepreneurship
March 21, 2024
12:00 PM -
1:00 PM

StartUp Spokane and the Spokane Public Library have partnered to bring you the JumpStart Event series!

The goal of this series is to feature our own local entrepreneurs who will share tips, tricks and stories about how to become and stay successful. This is your opportunity to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and passionate individuals.

Join us for an energizing hour at the "Boost Your Bottom Line: Strategies for Profit Acceleration" event, where we'll unpack the essentials of amplifying your profit margins and mastering the art of productivity. Business strategy consultant and coach Jessica White will guide you through the nuanced world of Profit Acceleration, revealing how minor tweaks can lead to significant improvements in your bottom line. Delve into 'The Twin Pillars of Success' to learn how consistency and strategic time management can transform your customer experience and operational efficiency. Plus, explore the power of Strategic Business Partnerships and how they can create a synergistic network for sustained growth. This session promises to be a treasure trove of insights, offering practical tools and strategies tailored for business owners poised to take their success to the next level. Don't miss this opportunity to catalyze your business's potential in just 60 minutes!

Jessica White is a seasoned Business Strategy Coach and Consultant, specializing in enhancing profit margins and customer experiences. With an MBA and nearly three decades of professional experience, she has a proven track record of driving high performance. Jessica believes in the power of knowledge to transform businesses, understanding that while many owners are passionate about their specialties, they often lack the same fervor for profitability and operational knowledge. She emphasizes the importance of attention to detail in elevating businesses, leading communities where owners collaborate, network, and forge strategic partnerships to achieve sustainable success.

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