Remarkable WE Greater Spokane Inc. Annual Meeting

Category: Signature Events
March 13, 2024
8:00 AM -
9:30 AM
Location: Centennial Ballroom

An individual “me” has its limitations. We invite you to view the world through GSI’s lens, where the collective strength of "we" takes center stage. Together, we are the driving force of innovation and connectivity, shaping the narrative of a future unwritten.

Join us for our 2024 Annual Meeting and revel in the remarkable synergy that emerges when we come together with shared purpose and vision. Engage in insightful discussions and be inspired by a compelling keynote, uncovering the ways in which collaboration propels innovation and technology forward.

2024 Keynote Speaker:

Susan Frew 

Susan Frew's journey from an International C Suite executive for a Fortune 20 company to a powerhouse professional speaker and entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring.

Renowned as a captivating speaker, business visionary, and catalyst for change, Susan's impact is profound. With over three decades of experience as an international corporate leader, ESPN Radio Host, small business coach, entrepreneur, author, and triumphant conqueror of challenges, Susan is poised to deliver unparalleled value.  

She is coming to Spokane to speak from a business owner's perspective of utilizing AI to enhance business capabilities. She is full of stories and practical applications that might help you make your business thrive!

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