Time Management

Tackle what can be the greatest challenge for returning adult students – time management.

Family…friends…work…volunteer work…childcare. That is a lot to juggle. Adding “school” to the mix might seem overwhelming. Here are five time-management tips to help you balance your time and keep stress at bay.


Tip #1: Keep one calendar for everything.
We often keep our personal calendar separate from our work calendar, making it hard to manage schedule conflicts. Consider keeping all of your commitments—personal, work, and school—in one online calendar. This holistic view will help you avoid scheduling issues.

Tip #2: Create dedicated study time.
One important entry in your holistic calendar is daily dedicated study time. This will help you avoid procrastination, and encourage you to see your class and study time as sacred.

Tip #3: Make daily “to-do” lists…and prioritize.
Making a daily “to do” list— and checking it off—can give you a great sense of accomplishment. Consider creating your “to do” list the night before, then prioritize items in the morning.

Tip #4: Always be prepared.
Take advantage of downtime by bringing your schoolwork with you wherever you go. The bus ride to work is a great opportunity to get some reading done or to listen to videos related to your coursework.

Tip #5: Be flexible.
Take time to review your lists and to re-think how you are spending your time if/when you find things aren’t working well. Maintaining flexibility and being open to adjusting plans will help relieve stress. In the end, it is all about doing what you need to do to be successful in all aspects of your life.

Use the Greater Minds Time Management Schedule to help you visualize your weekly schedule! Having a realistic plan in place BEFORE starting courses will help you achieve your goals!

Greater Minds is available to support you through out your journey. Contact us or 509.321.3623 for assistance.


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