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GSI Member Partner Hub Sports Center was created in 2007, re-opening a shuttered facility with the goal of providing events that would have a positive impact on youth and the community. Fast forward 14 years and they’ve done just that, utilizing their 66,000 square foot facility to maximize opportunities for youth to learn valuable life lessons through play and participation. We’ve all been there, as kids nothing was more fun than competing with your friends in a family-friendly environment, often stoking the love of sport, or just providing a few hours a week to spend among friends and to get out of the house. Some of the memories made in this facility will last a lifetime.

HUB Sports Center Facility

The HUB is more than just a place to get together and compete with friends. Events hosted at the HUB Sports Center account for an estimated $7 million in economic impact annually. The social impact of the HUB is a big deal as well, as they offer programs such as the HUB 360 afterschool program for at-risk middle school students, Police Activity League for elementary school-aged youth and law enforcement to have positive interactions, and Dads & Dudes Night where fathers and sons spend intentional time together participating in fun games and activities. It can’t be stated enough how important events and programs like this are for a community to help it flourish.

Dads & Dudes Collage

Not only does the HUB put on its own events and programs, but they partner with others in the community to help them do the same. HUB Sports Center partners with a variety of nonprofit organizations to provide space and equipment for them to reach more youth with like-minded programs. These partnerships include YMCA, AAU-Hoopfest, Special Olympics, Evergreen Region USA Volleyball, and local school districts. They also rent space and contract instructors for various activities like martial arts, dance, and aerobics. These instructors build their business and clientele to potentially expand and open their own studio/business, thus helping the community in a variety of ways.

Volleyball Tournaments Being Played

The various shutdowns over the last couple of years have definitely provided obstacles in hosting some events, but they have been restarting recently. Included among some of the things they were able to creatively execute is their drive-in movie series, which started in the middle of the pandemic and continues to this day, this being a great opportunity for families to get out and experience something different. Thank you to the HUB Sports Center for all that you do and continue to provide for this community, you’re making a huge difference in the lives of many!

Drive-In Movie Night

To learn more about the HUB Sports Center and check out their schedule of upcoming events and programs, click here.


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