Evergreen Bio Awarded $200k Evergreen Manufacturing Growth Grant

“The Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Building will provide startups, capital, manufacturing, research institutions, and professional service providers across Washington a home to collaborate, and help to ensure Washington state remains a leader in new bioscience technology innovations,” Andy Johnston, board member of Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Cluster (EBIC), told Commerce.

Johnston also leads Evergreen Bio’s Innovation Hub Team, a framework for focusing on one of its core aims, which is to make Washington state and the Mountain Northwest a hub for advanced pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

The funds must be used by June 30, 2023. Meeting such a short deadline is made possible not only through active participation by the Innovation Hub Team’s members who assisted with the grant application, but also by building upon already present collaborative efforts in the region.  Evergreen Bio hosted events to gather support, collaboration, and buy-in from the bioscience community on how best to implement the Evergreen Bioscience Innovation Building and this information was used to guide the grant application.

With so many actively contributing stakeholders and available resources, the outlook for timely and successful project completion is promising. 

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