GSI Opposes Envision Spokane’s “Worker Bill of Rights” Initiative


DOWNTOWN2_WEBGSI Statement on Envision Spokane – City of Spokane Ruling

Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) is concerned with the decision made yesterday by the Superior Court Judge to deny the injunction sought by the City of Spokane to bar proposition 1 from appearing on the November 3rd ballot.

Although the City of Spokane was found to have legal standing, the judge ruled that the initiative’s constitutionality “is not grounds to prevent an election from going forward,” however the judge stated that the provision wasn’t without problems and the initiative’s other “rights” are “within the scope and proper subject of legislation.”

GSI’s Board of Trustees voted to oppose the Worker Bill of Rights due to the adverse effect it would have on our economy and our community by driving business out of the Spokane region, stifling growth and increasing unemployment. GSI is concerned about the cost of implementation, cost of enforcement and the legal challenges that will come once approved. The fourth provision within the Worker Bill of Rights – “corporate powers subordinate to people’s rights” strips legal power from a business to defend itself against lawsuits.

“GSI’s mission is to grow jobs and business investment in our community. We support business and the people employed by these businesses,” said Steve Stevens, President & CEO, Greater Spokane Incorporated. “The Worker Bill of Rights sounds positive, benign or logical on the surface, but when we dig deeper, there are some serious negative implications for our business community – for businesses both small and large. We are concerned with the ruling and will continue to support the legal standing our businesses deserve.”


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