Partner Benefits

A thriving economy takes people with big goals and the commitment to bring them to life.

GSI creates the place where organizations come together to advocate for the regiondrive strategic economic growth and champion a talented workforce. Because our future is greater than any one of us.

In addition to your support to lift the economy and your business, GSI puts you in touch with new potential customers and clients, provides practical business training for you and your staff and increases your visibility in the community. 

In addition to joining an alliance of more than 760 member companies that employ close to 128,000, there are a host of member benefits available to your business – from event discounts and complimentary small business workshops to discounted advertising, free job postings, and other great visibility opportunities.

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Click here to view the member benefit comparison sheet

Special Note: 90% of your membership is tax deductible. Businesses classify their membership as an ordinary business expense.

** The attached member benefit sheet reflects a pre-COVID-19 environment.  During this pandemic, some slight modifications have been necessary to honor the Safe Start plan.  GSI continues to be diligent in offering exceptional programming to enhance all areas of business. 

GSI membership has many benefits!

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