Episode 15: Creative Entrepreneurship Spotlight – Karli and Caleb Ingersoll – The Bartlett

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A new month at Startup Spokane, and a new topic that we’re looking forward to diving into. While we’ve been chatting for a while with “entrepreneurs” in the region, it goes without saying that the term “entrepreneur” is a broad stroke term to the many different types of people that are in our community starting interesting companies.

With that, we’re kicking off February with a series we’ll be integrating into our rotation called “creative entrepreneurship”. While all entrepreneurship in our minds has elements of creativity inherently built into it, many of our local entrepreneurs focus truly more in the arts, music, and culture of our community as the bedrock of their business model.

We’re proud to have on our show this week Caleb and Karli Ingersoll, husband and wife duo who’s name you’ll recognize for their many efforts to Spokane, including their most prominent joint effort to date, the all-ages music venue, The Bartlett.

Listen in as we chat with Karli and Caleb about:

  • Why “Creative Entrepreneurship” differs from other flavors of entrepreneurship.
  • Why Caleb and Karli thought Spokane’s music scene needed the Bartlett, and what it was like to get it going.
  • What it takes to launching a business with your significant other
  • The challenges they faced starting companies in Spokane, and what can be done to change it.

Show Links:

The Bartlett
Caleb Ingersoll – WebpageKarli Ingersoll – Webpage
Cathedral Pearls – Webpage





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