Spokane Public Schools STEM Camps Connect Student To Career Connected Learning


Spokane Summer STEM Camps

Robotics, coding, physics, 3-D Printing, and crime scene investigation just a few of the over 20+ Camps at Spokane Public Schools Summer STEM Camps.  These engaging options serve thousands of children Pre-K – 8th grade each summer offering deep learning and exploration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Camps are developed with the hands-on learner in mind.  The child who loves to explore, ask questions, and play.  Camp activities are sophisticated, fun, challenging, and build on strengths and interests of each child who enrolls. 

Staffing camp provides the incredible opportunity to showcase the expertise, experience, and talents of our regional high school and college students in STEM pathways.  All staff have passion for math and science, as well as a willingness to learn and grow with the children they 

lead in camp.  Camp provides the space for everyone to put their school learning into action.  The best and brightest students and leaders are developing the skills that our future workforce demands.  Teamwork, problem-solving, communication and agility to learn new concepts and apply them.   

What makes Summer STEM Camps different than other great summer camps?!  STEM camp uses the resources that the community and the State provides the school district access to technology and neighborhood schools, as well as, resources to invite and support students from marginalized populations and students whose families might not have the financial resources to afford summer camp. 

The students in the STEM Summer Camp are diverse in gender and reflective of the community Spokane 

Public Schools serves in racial and ethnic breakdowns. These camps are preparing students to gain valuable skills and exposure to the post-secondary and workforce opportunities that await them in the greater Spokane community.

To share in the success of Summer STEM Camps or invite a child you know to participate, please visit us at


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