Spokane STEM Leadership Highlight: Callie Bendickson

Monthly STEM Executive Highlight: Callie Bendickson, Itron


Who are you and your company?
Callie Bendickson, Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Relations at Itron, Inc.
Co-Chair for the STEM Executive Committee.  At Itron, we are working with cities and utilities across the globe to better manage energy and water for the people they serve.  We are looking for the next generation of STEM talent to join us in creating a more resourceful world.

What does STEM mean to you? And why do you feel STEM is important?
For me, STEM represents collaboration for improved education and economic impact.  Investing in STEM education truly is investing in our future talent and innovation.  In the State of Washington, we have an exceptional opportunity to provide mentorship and inspire career pathways for our next generation.   I also believe that STEM reaches far beyond Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.  All sectors of educational interest are impacted by STEM.

Looking ahead, what would 1-2 things would you like to see happen in Spokane?
Looking ahead, I hope to see more mentorship and internship opportunities for students in our region.  Connecting students to career based learning opportunities is a tremendous way to inspire our future workforce toward careers that bring personal achievement and job satisfaction.  Helping students explore careers while exposing them to our region’s economy is also incredibly educational.

Why is it important to have a regional leadership team for statewide work?
We have a unique and collaborative community in Spokane and having regional leadership for statewide work allows our team to make steady progress toward our goals and shine a light on the success of our region for future funding and statewide resources.

What else should our STEM Community know?
As a parent and community leader, I have enjoyed serving on the Spokane STEM Executive committee, and seeing first hand the many passionate people in our community from all sectors who are working diligently to bridge the gap between education and industry. 



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