Spokane STEM Leadership Highlight: Matt Allore

Monthly STEM Executive Highlight: Matt Allore, MultiCare


Who are you and your company?

My name's Matt Allore and I am the Executive Director of Human Potential for the INW Region.  I am responsible for leading our Human Potential team in the provision of people services.  This includes services such as recruitment, selection, performance management, labor relations, and leadership development.  Read more about MultiCare here:

What role/or industry do you represent on the STEM Executive Committee?  

I represent the healthcare industry which is one of the largest sectors of our economy in Spokane, employing more than 46,000 individuals. The Healthcare and Social Assistance sector is by far the fastest growing industry in Spokane County. In just the past five years, over 4,352 healthcare and social assistance related jobs have been created locally, and strong continued new job growth is forecasted for the sector. Spokane is the regional hub for health care in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, with a diverse cluster of hospitals, research facilities, labs, education, and clinics. As the Baby Boom generation increases demand for medical services, Spokane’s healthcare industry is expected to continue to grow.

What does STEM mean to you? And why do you feel STEM is important?

To me the idea, branding, and advancement of STEM is a great example of responsible parties identifying a long term need, collaborating to develop strategies which address the need, and executing against those plans and tactics which fulfill the strategy.  It has truly been impressive to learn more about the great work that has preceded my involvement on this committee.  The continued development of STEM programs is vitally important to our local, regional, and national economy and I am proud to help advance this work in any way I can. 

Looking ahead, what would 1-2 things would you like to see happen in Spokane?

I would like to encourage increased collaboration by and between STEM programs on both a local and regional level.  There is already great collaboration happening out there and I wonder if there is the possibility for even more.  Beyond that I would simply offer my support for the existing programs as they are well run, producing results, and successfully advancing the STEM agenda.

Why is it important to have a regional leadership team for statewide work?

Each region has unique challenges and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.  The regional advisory council model gives the local drivers of demand a voice regarding the programmatic priorities of both local and statewide initiatives.

Anything else you might like to highlight?

As a former Peace Corps volunteer I remain very interested in sustainable community organization and development.  I hope GSI members recognize the great work this committee has accomplished for the benefit of our Spokane businesses, agencies, schools, advocacy groups, and not-for-profits.     


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