We Are Thankful For….

Spokane in the Fall

As we give thanks this week around the dinner table, we thought it’d be a nice time to reflect on all the great things we have here as an organization. We have it so nice in Spokane, we don’t know where to begin, but we’ll mention a few things we’re thankful for here at Greater Spokane Incorporated.

Let’s get to it.

We’re thankful for…..

….our members that make everything we do possible. From the small business service provider, to the nonprofit difference maker, to the large business and civic minded organization – kudos and thanks to all of you! Without you, we couldn’t accomplish the things we do.

….a great K-12 education system, which prepares our youngsters for their next phase in life, and our wonderful higher education institutions, which always inspire with the work they do and the graduates they produce.

….policy makers that listen to us and understand what Spokane needs. We’re ever so grateful for the $35 million allocated for the Biomedical and Health Sciences Building Phase I at WSU Spokane, reforms to workers’ compensation, funding for capital projects at Fairchild Air Force Base, Eastern Washington University and Spokane Falls Community College, improvements to the permitting process and so much more. Our strong, unified and regional vision within our Public Policy Division makes this happen.

….ski season! Mt. Spokane is slated to open this weekend. Lookout Pass is already open, as is 49 Degrees North and Silver Mountain. Schweitzer will reopen on Friday!

….our smart, engaged Board of Trustees and our 800+ volunteers who work with us to create something greater for the entire region. They make us proud every day.

….a prosperous agriculture industry! Things went so well in the industry this year, our Annual Ag Expo and Farm Forum sold out months earlier than normal. Sign of a strong industry sector? You bet.

….our area’s more than 80 aerospace companies that already work with Boeing – indirectly or directly. Having that presence in our area has us poised for future growth, and possibly a new Boeing manufacturing plant. Fingers crossed!

….the airmen and women at Fairchild Air Force Base for keeping our county and region safe. Did you know that in addition to the refueling work the base does around the globe that our region’s largest employer also helps with rescue missions and snow plowing when the white stuff falls uncontrollably? What a great asset to have in our area.

….collaboration! Whether it was successfully recruiting Caterpillar to Spokane County (to use just one example), working to expand medical education in Spokane, or working to attract Boeing to our area, we can’t do it without collaboration with all the good partners in our region. When it comes to getting things done, there should be no fences or borders in our region.

So tell us – what are you thankful for?


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