GSI Thanks Legislators for Votes on $16.1 Billion Transportation Package

flagGSI recognizes House Members Marcus Riccelli and Timm Ormbsy and Senators Michael Baumgartner, Mark Schoesler, and Andy Billig, as well as Transportation Chairs Representative Judy Clibborn and Senator Curtis King for their “yes” votes in support of the $16.1 billion transportation revenue bill. The revenue bill will fund state and local road projects, maintenance and preservation, and non-highway projects such as bike paths, pedestrian walk-ways and transit.

The region will receive one of its largest-ever funding levels, to complete an equally impressive list of projects. Notably, the funding will allow the region to “Finish what we started” — a multi-year initiative to complete GSI’s highest-priority transportation project — The North Spokane Corridor (NSC) that will receive $878.9 million to complete the NSC to Interstate-90. Community leaders have been working to acquire funding for this project since 1955, and vigilant work by the Transportation Coalition — comprised of leaders from the Spokane International Airport, the Spokane Regional Labor Council, the Greater Spokane Valley Chamber, the West Plains Chamber, the Inland Northwest Associated General Contractors of America (AGC),  the Spokane Area Good Roads Association and Greater Spokane Incorporated — has helped keep this vital project top-of-mind.

The construction of the NSC will create or support an estimated 10 jobs for each $1 million spent-that is 8,789 jobs. Other Spokane area projects included in the package include $26.6 million for the Medical Lake/Geiger Interchanges, $26.4 million for Barker Road to Harvard Road, and $8.8 million for the U-District Gateway Bridge connecting to a developable area adjacent to the multi-school campus, all of which are projects listed on GSI’s 2015 Regional State Legislative Priority Agenda.

“From start to finish and beyond, transportation projects are always about jobs,” said Steve Stevens, President & CEO of Greater Spokane Incorporated. “During their construction, the movement of employees upon their completion and the businesses that will be able to locate and grow along their corridors make them extremely wise investments. I commend this legislature for this tremendous funding package.”


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