Preparing For Winter

Snow Plow

Winter is upon us! How will you prepare? As businesses, you want to do all you can to be accessible to your customers, clients and visitors. When it snows, that can be difficult.

That’s why you should be prepared for large amounts of snowfall. This year’s forecasted snowfall is expected to be below normal – but stranger things have happened, so it’s best to be prepared.

Spokane International Airport and the City of Spokane are taking steps to be prepared, and so should you.

The Airport just put the roof on a brand new Snow Removal Equipment Building, which will hold plows with possibly the largest blades you’ll ever see. The airport clears – on average – 6.6 million square feet of snow each year from its runways alone.

The City of Spokane is preparing as well. We attended a meeting yesterday where Mayor David Condon and the City’s Street Department Director discussed the City’s plan for the upcoming winter.

So what can you do as a business when snow falls? First – be prepared. Prepare any parking spots/lots that you have so your customers and employees can access your location as easily as possible.

Clear any snow that builds up leading to your front doors. The last thing you want is one of your customers slipping on their way into your building.

Don’t go public and say the snow is so bad that nobody can get to your business. That will discourage people from even attempting to go to your business. Stay positive, and encourage people to come out and visit. After all, we’re willing to bet it’ll never be impossible to access your business when it snows.

Encourage your employees to drive to work using the City’s main arterials. Those streets will be plowed first and given priority.

And why not make it fun? If your business is located downtown, the Downtown Spokane Partnership wants to promote it during the winter and holiday season. Delight your customers with the DSP’s Strolling Carolers, or take your employees on a Free Horse and Carriage Ride. In just about any location, you can call positive attention with festive decor.

There’s no way to prevent the snow from falling, for better or for worse. Being prepared is the best you can do. Make sure your business is ready so you can continue to attract customers.

And if there is ever any major winter emergency, we’ll be in contact with our members with relevant information.


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