2022 Spring Career Connected Learning Workshops Open for Registration

GSI is partnering with businesses around the region to present the 2022 Spring line-up of career-connected learning events for local students and educators. The two event series’ Business AfterSchool and Teaching the Teachers provides experiences for teachers and students to connect with the world of business and learn about future careers available.

These programs are one part of an overall effort GSI has to build, champion, and retain a talented workforce in our region and build a thriving economy.

High school students, parents, and educators are invited to attend. The events are free, but registration is required. View the workshops below to register and click here to download the event flyer. Most events are in-person, but masks are required to attend.

*As we plan for this in-person event, we are aware of current health challenges and will continue to evaluate precautions as the date for these events draw near. We are taking state-guided safety measures, including social distancing, providing hand sanitizer, food-handling directives, and adhering to the mask mandate. Further communications will be sent to registered attendees with more details, as needed.

Workshops for students, parents, and educators

March 9: Health Sciences at WSU Spokane
Discover career pathways in health care at Washington State University Spokane. WSU’s health sciences campus in Spokane offers degree programs in Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Speech and Hearing Sciences, and Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.
8:30-11:30 AM (high school students)

March 16: Manufacturing at Wagstaff (Virtual Only)
Explore careers in advanced manufacturing at Wagstaff including 3D printing, artificial intelligence, welding, drafting, machining and more.
3-4:00 PM (middle and high school students)

March 22: Health Care at CHAS Health
Discover career pathways in health care at CHAS Health – doctors, nurses, healthcare IT, dental, pharmacy, and more.
3-5 PM (middle and high school students)

March 29: E-Commerce at Amazon (virtual only)
Discover career pathways in e-commerce at Amazon.
3-4 PM (middle and high school students)

April 21: Technology at TDS Fiber
Discover career pathways in technology at TDS Fiber. Learn what it means to connect a city and region to the internet and what jobs look like in this industry.
3:30-5 PM (high school students)

April 27: Architecture at Bernardo-Wills
Discover career pathways in architecture at Bernardo-Wills. Learn what it takes to thoughtfully design communities through a lens of a local architecture firm.
3-5 PM (high school students)

April 28: Construction at Constructiv
Discover career pathways in construction at Constructiv. The future of construction includes more technology and sustainability than ever before. Learn how jobs are changing in the industry.
3-5 PM (high school students)

May 9: Health Care at University of WA School of Medicine
Discover career pathways in health care at the University of WA School of Medicine. Students will highlight a day in the life of a med student and present an anatomy specimen presentation.
3-5 PM (high school students)

Workshops for middle and high school educators (clock hours are available)

March 2: Manufacturing at Wagstaff
Explore careers in the manufacturing industry for your students at Wagstaff. Teachers, counselors, and advisors are welcome to learn about misconceptions about jobs in advanced manufacturing. Support your students on their career pathway.
8-11 AM (clock hours available)

March 23: STEM / Health Care at Biotility
Learn about STEM/health care careers available at Biotility.
4-7 PM (virtual only, clock hours available)

March 24: Hospitality in Craft Trades
Discover careers in craft trades. Three local craft, small businesses will be highlighted on this multi-stop workshop to give educators a lens into local entrepreneurship and storytelling through operating a business.
12-4:30 PM (clock hours available)

May 5: Environmental Resources at Spokane County Wastewater
Discover water management careers at Spokane County Wastewater.
12:30-3:30 PM (clock hours available)

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