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Business AfterSchool is a series of industry skill workshops providing on-site awareness of Spokane’s high-demand industry sectors by highlighting new technology, research, development and innovation. Our region’s students, families and community are invited to engage in these career connected learning workshops that showcase the highly valued occupations and employment paths our industries incorporate. Students, parents, educators and local businesses gather together in the workplace for a real-time visit to see these industries in action.

SPOTLIGHT: Business AfterSchool Showcased at the first ever Governor's Summit on Career Connected Learning 

On May 31, the National Governors Association (NGA), the Office of the Governor and the state's Workforce Board hosted a Career Connected Learning Summit at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, WA. The Summit was a culmination of an 18-month Work-Based Learning Policy Academy around the state.

Business AfterSchool was one of twenty-one career connected learning programs showcased at the Summit. The highlighted programs are a cross section of program models, scales, and intensities. They are located in urban and remote rural areas across Washington. Some have been running for many years while others are just starting to pilot new ideas or strategies. Each learning lab program had four team members that represented various perspectives, i.e. program staff, business lead, participant, and/or educator. The Business AfterSchool team included Cassidy Peterson, Dave Peden (business lead, Coffman Engineers), Shannon Demant (advisor, College Success Program Manager, Spokane & Yakima) and Hannah Gibson (participant, College Success Foundation Scholar Achiever and North Central HS senior).

Read more about the NGA Summit.

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Calling All Industries! 

Host a workshop and highlight the 21st Century skills that equip our youth for the challenges and demands of work in today’s knowledge-based, technology-driven, globalized environment. Show how your industry utilizes information technology, critical thinking, data analytics, problem-solving and technology literacy skills through a Business AfterSchool workshop. Interested? Contact Cassidy Peterson, Career Connected Learning Program Manager at 509.321.3621.

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To sponsor this program or for more details to participate in Business AfterSchool, contact Cassidy Peterson, Career Connected Learning Program Manager, at 509.321.3621.

What participants are saying:

"It was fun, well orchestrated and we had a much greater impact than a typical career fair." - Bruce Williams, GeoEngineers

"As a teacher, it was great to discover the wide varieties of skill sets necessary to carry out a project such as the one we saw. This will help me in working with kids and careers." - Dan Oster, Barker High School

"Business AfterSchool is a good opportunity for kids to have something outside of the classroom, something they can see, and to see people working." - Chad Butorac, Kettle Falls High School

"I think it's important to know about careers, especially medical careers and the importance of science and math." - Elliott Warren, Lewis & Clark High School Student

"Business AfterSchool is a great opportunity for employers because it engages the next workforce. There is a tremendous amount of opportunities for students. We just can't say it enough - get out and volunteer. Job shadow, and have those experiences that build networks." - Staci Franz, St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute