Most Heart Warming Experience

April 16, 2010
China Trip Day 6 – Part 3
Most Heart Warming Experience
By Maria Vandervert

Our group was privileged to take a tour of the Hutong countryside by Rickshaw.  This is one of the oldest areas of Beijing.  Hutong homes are created by the walls of courtyard houses, which are now state-owned.  If the house had 4 beams, it meant you were rich, 2 – you were middle class, and 1 – poor.  Our Rickshaw ride took us to Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s home.  We were honored to have a home-cooked meal prepared lovingly by Mrs. Lee.  Currently, she hosts a group in her house every day.  The food was remarkable, the house small, and her kitchen a closet.  I now know that I love lotus root and fresh green bamboo shoots.  I also loved Mr. and Mrs. Lee and the countryside.


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