Facebook Live:

Category: Career Connected Learning Community Events
November 14, 2023
2:00 PM -
3:00 PM
Location: 130 S. Arthur, Spokane, Washington 99202, US

What does it take to succeed in Electronics Engineering (Mechatronics, Biomed, Applications, and Avionics options?) Get the inside scoop from faculty members Susan Williams, Doug Stewart, Melody Fyre and their students, Travis, Molly, and Nicholi in our upcoming Facebook Live presentation. They’ll share their insights on the program, the job market, and how to make the most of your education. Please login to the WorkSource Spokane Facebook page to watch this Facebook Live at 2pm on Tuesday, November 14th. If you have questions for the speakers, please drop them into the comments box below and we will answer them live at the event. Register today at

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