Unlocking Financial Success: Business Loan Readiness

Category: Community Events
November 16, 2023
12:00 PM -
1:00 PM
Location: WSU Innovation Center 120 N Pine Street, Spokane, Washington 99202, US

Join us for this informative event hosted by an experienced business lender, designed to demystify the journey to securing a business loan. This session will cover vital aspects, including crafting a comprehensive loan application, understanding financial documentation, optimizing credit profiles, and navigating various loan options.

Gain actionable insights, expert tips, and a deeper understanding of what lenders seek, empowering you to position your business for a greater chance of financial success.

Whether you’re a startup, small business, or seasoned entrepreneur, this event will equip you with the tools and knowledge to confidently pursue the funding your business needs.

Lunch will be provided.

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