Business AfterSchool Looking for Workshop Hosts, Receives Grant for Upcoming Year


Host Opportunities for Students in Your Business

Greater Spokane Incorporated (GSI) is proud to announce the award of a $15,000 grant to Business AfterSchool, a program that brings students into area businesses to highlight industry skills, new technology, research, development and innovation.

The grant, awarded by Governor Jay Inslee from Workforce Innovation and Opportunity discretionary funding, in partnership with Washington’s Workforce Training Board, the National Governors Association and Washington STEM, recognizes Business AfterSchool as a best practice for career connected learning programs in Washington state. Funds from the grant will help the program provide in-depth projects that span across the school year, in addition to increasing the quality of workshops.

Business AfterSchool helps students in our region gain STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), through skills-focused workshops hosted by area businesses for students, educators, parents, and community organizations. The program brings students into businesses, providing them with the opportunity to see what different careers do firsthand, as well as develop an understanding of the skills they need to succeed in the future workplace. Using this career connected learning model, students continue to learn STEM skills applicable across a number of professional industries, and the level of education necessary to succeed in the highlighted careers.

Highlight Your Business

We are currently seeking member businesses to host our 2016-2017 Business AfterSchool program, in order to provide students with opportunities that connect them with needed skills in the workforce. Highlight your business by engaging our region’s students, educators, families and community in a career connected learning experience.

Bruce Williams, Principal at GeoEngineers and a Business AfterSchool workshop host for the last four years, said, “It was fun, well-orchestrated and we had a much greater impact than a typical career fair.”

Through these workshop experiences, you will be able to highlight the STEM skills used in your business to today’s students and prepare them to be a part of the technology-driven workforce. Host a workshop and show how your industry utilizes information technology, critical thinking, data analytics, problem solving, technology literacy and many more STEM skills.

To sponsor Business AfterSchool, or to host a workshop, contact Meg Lindsay, Education and Workforce Program Manager.


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