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Get ready to experience construction in an entirely new way. Constructiv’s method is faster, cleaner and more sustainable. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to get, how much it will cost, and when it will be done without the guesswork. As fixed constructed interiors continue to fall short, Constructiv’s “Doing it Right This Time” (DIRTT) interiors are responsive to their core—ready to adapt to whatever your future brings. DIRTT is integrated, prefabricated construction enabled by advanced technology. Yes. This is an entirely new way of building.

The DIRTT DNA is designed for disassembly and re-assembly, which means it will adapt to your needs today and tomorrow. If you need a school, a medical facility, an office space or even a home, DIRTT responds. Constructiv’s team is trained to fulfill the different requirements for each. This approach to innovation also means interiors built now will never go out of date. Any future additions or improvements will fit perfectly with your original DIRTT construction. And Constructiv will be here to integrate it properly.

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Company Spotlight: Constructiv

Constructiv brings “Doing it Right This Time” (DIRTT) environmental solutions. Constructiv is Spokane’s local DIRTT experts and a partner every step of the way. Constructiv serves as peer collaborators for teams of design professionals, general contractors and other sub-trades. They design assist consultant through preconstruction, then transition to a subcontractor as the design is manufactured and installed. 

Their mission is to help everyone who are involved in projects benefit from the many cost, schedule and performance benefits of DIRTT construction. Constructiv makes building a surprisingly enjoyable 21st century experience.
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Career Spotlights

Project Manager - Greg Fatzinger
Project Manager - Kelly Hanson

DIRTT Champion - Ryan Moffet
Designer - Becky Oliver

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