Aviation & Airport Careers

Airports across the United States and the world employ thousands of people.

These employees range from those with no degree to those with advanced degrees. With so many people needed to keep an airport running smoothly, there are many career paths that can be found, regardless of your level of education or skill set.

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Airport as seen from the tarmac.

Company Spotlight: Spokane International Airport

Spokane International Airport is a 6,140 acre commercial service airport served by six airlines and two air cargo carriers. The airport processed 3.99 million passengers and 70,387 U.S. tons of air cargo in 2018. It is the second largest airport in the State of Washington and recognized by the FAA as a small hub. The Airport is an employment site for over 3,000 people and an has an important and expanding aerospace industry cluster. The Airport annually has a $725 million annual economic impact on the Spokane Region. Visit the Spokane International Airport’s website.

Airport Occupations in Spokane County

Airports are like small cities and careers vary.  Starting wages for introductory careers in an airport setting can be $30,000 while schooling and experience for  aeronautics engineer  and commercial pilots can make over $100,000/year.
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A plane coming in to dock at the terminal at dusk.
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